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The "Simple" Guide to Secure Webhosting

I found this Slashdot post to be extremely informative, and I'll be happy to admit that it even taught me a few new tricks (like, it never occured to me (not being a C coder) to edit /bin/sh so that "nobody's" userid was locked out).

But I have to take issue with the "tired of people getting rich writing books making hype about what (should be) a very trivial issue" thing at the end. Utter bullshit. It only seems like a trivial issue once you master all of the concepts involved, and by then you'll be far more valuable as a sysadmin than a PHP coder.

Someone has to write about this stuff, otherwise how are the rest of us supposed to find out how to do it?

By Chris Snyder on February 14, 2006 at 9:30am

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