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The real reason Apple's bootcamp is a Good Thing

Who is going to boot or virtualize into Windows so they can use IE?

If more people start using OSX, we (web developers) can finally be free of ActiveX, MSHTML, and all the other dreck that comes with the big blue e, in all its guises.

So here's a hint to everyone who buys Mactel in the next few years: that Firefox thing is available no matter what OS you're using.

Sorry to all the IE fans, but I like rounded corners and png with alpha blending and w3c standard box models and cross-platform, open source applications.

And of course, the only downside to my prediction is that people will use Safari (not cross-platform, not open source, with sketchy javascript interpretor). But that's actually still better than IE, because Safari renders pages and forms beautifully.

By Chris Snyder on April 6, 2006 at 9:28pm

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