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Prototype documentation summary

Prototype is an extremely handy JavaScript language extension, which gives developers a whole new way of writing js apps.

There is no "official" documentation, and unless you're fully clued in to the Prototype way of doing things (apparently Rails gurus have an advantage), it can take a while to find your way around.

In fact, when you consider the breadth of Prototype's utility (in only 2000 lines), an exhaustive reference with real world examples and explanation of advanced JavaScript concepts would be book-length.

But real hackers just dive in... You could start with the Overview of the Prototype Javascript Library which has some interesting observations and tips to get you up to speed fast.

If you liked jordan's writeup, then read the entire source of prototype.js. I didn't understand half of it the first time through, but it was incredibly helpful to work through those bits and recognize patterns.

If you want a good review of important concepts, Particletree's Quick Guide should be on your list.

And finally, for a comprehensive reference to use while coding, tag Serio Pereira's Using Prototype.js 1.4.0.

By Chris Snyder on April 11, 2006 at 12:15am

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