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svn: Your file or directory is probably out-of-date

This is one of the most maddening bugs in Subversion, ever.

You go to commit changes to your working copy, and svn responds with:

svn: The version resource does not correspond to the resource within the transaction. Either the requested version resource is out of date (needs to be updated), or the requested version resource is newer than the transaction root (restart the commit).

You follow the standard advice, which is to update your working copy using svn up. But nothing is out of date!

Arrrrgh! Can't commit!!!

You can do the following, but I don't know all the consequences of doing this so DON'T BLAME ME if you lose important local properties in your repository. I can say this has not hosed any of my working copies yet.

1) Go to the directory in your working copy that contains the problem file.
2) Delete .svn/all-wcprops from there.

That's it. Commit and be happy.

By Chris Snyder on April 12, 2007 at 6:56pm

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