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How Did They Get My Email Address?

The Center For Democracy & Technology recently published Why Am I Getting All This Spam?, a report on their six month experiment to determine how and where senders of unsolicited commercial email get their addresses.

The number one source was, by far, email addresses posted on public websites.

Now, I post my email address on CHXO -- I have to. How else will people contact me? The solution is to post it in a human-readable, but not machine-readable, format. And since text is so easy to scan for and convert, why not put it in an image?

Hence the CHXO Email Address to Image Converter. It generates a PNG image from your email address, in any color and a variety of fonts. To humans visiting your site, it looks like an email address. But to robots, it's just another reference to an image. Problem solved, at least until they have enough computing power to OCR every image on your site!

By Chris Snyder on April 12, 2003 at 9:07pm

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