Asparagus Server

Asparagus is a set of notes, scripts, and supporting files that can be used to build a relatively robust and secure internet server.

It is by no means complete. You would not want to hook a box to the 'net based solely on the instructions found here. But it will get you started, especially if you already know what you're doing.

Sep 30, 2003:

Updating Your SSL Certificate

They're only valid for one year, see. But you have all the tools necessary to sign a fresh new one, you just need to know where to look...

Sep 05, 2003:

Apache/SSL/PHP shared object install

These notes will walk you through downloading, compiling and installing Apache, mod_ssl, and PHP from source on an Asparagus server.

Asparagus FreeBSD Setup Notes

This is where you'd want to start. It will take you from a plain FreeBSD installation to a platform that is ready for Berylium and much, much more.

Jan 16, 2003:

FreeBSD: Keeping Installed Ports Up to Date

Here is a quick overview of how to make sure you are running the latest versions of your installed software. Note that for critical packages (any piece of software that listens for connections) you should be subscribed to mailing lists that will keep you informed about security patches and exploit workarounds.

Jul 30, 2002:

Updating FreeBSD Using cvsup

Some background and resources on keeping your FreeBSD current (I mean, er, stable). The idea is that you don't have to download and burn an ISO to CD-ROM, you can use cvsup to download diffs and patch against your current source files, which is much less expensive bandwidthwise, especially if you do it with every release.

Note that this is for the base system only, and not any of the installed packages. That will be covered elsewhere, because it should happen more often.

This is the last page of Asparagus Server.

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