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Berylium web platform

Berylium IconA web-applications platform. Includes templates that define a full-featured content management system.

Berylium now includes the e99o.net media server, which transforms and compresses images and audio on the fly. Never build thumbnails again!

Berylium is a content management system that creates media-rich collaborative websites. You build and manage a Berylium site using your web browser, adding folders, documents, and images as you see fit. Viewers can add comments to your pages and sometimes create pages of their own.

Berylium has many goals, including ease of use, scalability, open standards integration, security, and configurability. Please find out more at the Official Berylium Website.

This website was created with Berylium. For other examples, take a look at the Psydeshowdium or Roots.Encielo.org or The Columbia Linguistic Circle or even Hip Hop Clown.

CHXO provides Berylium hosting and development services, please contact me (csnyder@chxo.com) for more information.

By Chris Snyder on November 12, 2002 at 2:20pm

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