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What Is Feedsplitter?

Feedsplitter is a PHP script that converts RSS or RDF newsfeeds into HTML, Javascript, or whatever format you want. Display random entries, just the channel image, or use custom stylesheets -- Feedsplitter separates content and display using a simple XML template system.

Feedsplitter enables the display of fully-styleable dynamic content on static HTML pages, by means of a javascript include like
<script src="feedsplitter.php?feed=yourfeed.rss&format=js"></script> 
embedded in the page.

There is an interactive demo online.

You can install feedsplitter on any PHP-enabled web server (v4 or better). It should work with most shared webhosts. See the Feedsplitter Homepage for download information.

By Chris Snyder on January 28, 2003 at 2:24am

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