Galactron Linux

ParanoidandroidA Linux workstation specification and supporting files and notes.

The spec doesn't really exist yet, except in my head. But I can tell you that it will probably use Debian Linux, and will include, Mozilla, and a hefty dose of Gnome.



This is actually a picture of the sidewalk at night, but...

Dangerous Confections




Need the cu command?

Install the uucp package/RPM.

Q: Why would you need cu?
A: cu (or "call up") is the program used to connect to another computer, either via a modem or a serial line. If you need console access to a server for administrative tasks, cu is your friend.



Search and Replace

Sometimes you need to replace text or code in a number of files. A program called rpl is excellent for this. You can get it here:

The manual is excerpted below.


Working With CD Audio

Ripping CD audio to ogg or mp3 is accomplished with the grip application, which serves as a graphical front-ends to CDDB, cdparanoia, and either lame (for mp3s) or oggenc (for oggs).

Copying a CD is the domain of gtoaster, which does all of the things that you would expect a CD-creation tool to do: duplicate audio CDs, create data CD-ROMS, and create CDs from ISO files.


This is the last page of Galactron Linux.

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