Content management, media processing, and internet tools.

These are NOT officially supported in any way by me, but I'll be happy to answer questions in my free time. If you would like to help with any of these (mostly PHP) projects, I'll hook you up with CVS.


CHXO Scipts Collection

I love toys, especially useful toys.

Over the past couple years, I've written a number of small, toylike scripts, which you will find at

I use base64.php a lot to dissect email, and the time code calculator is handy during editing projects.

The latest toy is tidy.php, which will turn crappy MSHTML into pretty and standards compliant XHTML. Neato!

What Is Feedsplitter?

Feedsplitter is a PHP script that converts RSS or RDF newsfeeds into HTML, Javascript, or whatever format you want. Display random entries, just the channel image, or use custom stylesheets -- Feedsplitter separates content and display using a simple XML template system.

Feedsplitter enables the display of fully-styleable dynamic content on static HTML pages, by means of a javascript include like
<script src="feedsplitter.php?feed=yourfeed.rss&format=js"></script> 
embedded in the page.

There is an interactive demo online.

You can install feedsplitter on any PHP-enabled web server (v4 or better). It should work with most shared webhosts. See the Feedsplitter Homepage for download information.


iconAsparagus Server

Asparagus is a set of notes, scripts, and supporting files that can be used to build a relatively robust and secure internet server.

It is by no means complete. You would not want to hook a box to the 'net based solely on the instructions found here. But it will get you started, especially if you already know what you're doing.

Berylium web platform

Berylium IconA web-applications platform. Includes templates that define a full-featured content management system.

Berylium now includes the media server, which transforms and compresses images and audio on the fly. Never build thumbnails again!


Feedsplitter LogoAn RSS to HTML to Javascript newsreader, so you can easily include newsfeeds on your webpages using <script> tags. It's written in PHP, for installation on any webserver.

Live Demo:

Download: get the lastest from here

Security Alert: This is release is a critical upgrade.


Fiatlux logoFiatlux creates private HTTP file-sharing areas, which act similar to FTP but are easier for non-technical people to use.

With Fiatlux, an organization can easily maintain a large number of separate, password-protected file repositories, complete with comments and sequential version control.

Please see:

iconGalactron Linux

ParanoidandroidA Linux workstation specification and supporting files and notes.

The spec doesn't really exist yet, except in my head. But I can tell you that it will probably use Debian Linux, and will include, Mozilla, and a hefty dose of Gnome.


A drop-in enhancement of the Apache webserver's Fancy Indexing (mod_autoindex) that displays image thumbnails for any gif/jpeg/png images in the directory that are under 500KB.

Lists files alphabetically, directories first. Can be set to page listings if they exceed a certain number of entries. Originally developed to catalog directories of digital camera photos.


Labelgen IconA text-to-image converter that is incredibly useful for generating email addresses that you can post on a website without fear of having them harvested by spammers. It uses a configurable cache so that it doesn't have to regenerate often-used addresses.

Labelgen is written in PHP. It is not yet released for download, but you can use it here:


An HTML Whiteboard with a history archive. Leave yourself notes and messages using its in-browser what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor.

Great for taking quick notes from anywhere!

Please see:


RDF IconRdfworld.php allows PHP developers to easily access and manipulate the Resources described by RDF metadata by converting them into PHP objects.

For instance, after parsing some Creative Commons license metadata with Rdfworld.php, you end up with a $work object, and the license is at $work->cc_license.


Need to integrate a spelling checker into your web application? Open Spellcheck.php as a pop-up window and you're basically there!


Easy to use auto-responders for everyone!

This project is discontinued.

This is the last page of Software.

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