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Easy to use auto-responders for everyone!

This project is discontinued.

Xobot is a Berylium add-on that creates an email auto-responder, similar to what you can do with Vacation or Procmail, but with these important differences:
  • Web-based Management means that users need not be given shell access or learn command syntax in order to control their message settings.
  • Media rich messages are easy to create using Berylium's bracketed markup language
  • The customizable interface makes for easy re-branding. And integration into an existing Berylium site is practically automatic!
How It Works
Xobot maintains a Procmail recipe that calls a Berylium URL when email is received.

Berylium then performs the necessary accounting to determine whether a response will be sent. In order to thwart casual abuse, the request must originate on the localhost. If the sender has not already received a response, Berylium renders the message as HTML email and sends it.

Xobot is available to CHXO customers, and to anyone else who can automatically forward mail to our server. Please contact me if you'd like to try it.

By Chris Snyder on December 19, 2002 at 10:52pm

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