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What Is Feedsplitter?
  Feedsplitter is a PHP script that converts RSS or RDF newsfeeds into HTML, Javascript, or whatever format you want. Display random entries, just the channel image, or use custom stylesheets -- Feedsplitter separates content and display using a simple XML template system.
Bug-fix Release
  Javascript templates now return proper text/javascript headers.
Mandatory Upgrade: Feedsplitter 2006-09-19
  Mandatory upgrade. This fixes the issues articulated in this post. I'm sorry this took so long to fix, the author was unable to contact me (or didn't try), and I don't follow bugtraq closely. Please click through for details and new code.
Announcing Feedsplitter 2006-01-21
  This is a bugfix release, with rewritten install instructions, updated feeds in the demo page, and a new logo. :-)
Announcing Release 2004-02-19
  A new version of feedsplitter is available, which includes the following upgrades:
Released! 2003-06-17
  CHXO is pleased to announce the release of Feedsplitter version 2003-06-17. New in this release are a template to support "XHTML over Javascript" (demo) and a template oriented toward sidebar newsfeeds via Javascript (demo).
Feedsplitter Update Coming Soon
  More news is good news. Feedsplitter is getting an upgrade as part of Berylium2. In fact, Feedsplitter.php will become the official newsfeed rendering engine for all Berylium sites.
Enhanced XML Parsing In PHP
  It seems that our parser is choking on certain HTML entities, like ö -- what to do? Update: This is technically a problem with improper CDATA quoting in newsfeeds. But it isn't going to go away.